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Occupational and Environmental Health

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Agriculture consistently ranks as one of the most hazardous occupations in the nation. Farmworkers have few federal workplace safety protections; only a few states, California and Washington among them, provide additional protections. A small fraction of workers benefit from union collective bargaining agreements, which require additional safety measures.

Among the hazards farmworker face are:

Unsanitary working and living conditions (such as lack of adequate drinking water and toilet facilities)

Crowded and substandard housing

Musculoskeletal injuries from repeated stooping, lifting, and cutting

Fall hazards

Other equipment-related injuries

Exposure to heat and other extreme conditions

Exposure to pesticides

Farmworker Justice develops clinician guides, issue briefs, trainings, and educational materials for advocates, service providers, and workers on various occupational and environmental health topics, including: heat stress, climate change, pesticides, and worker safety. These materials are available in our Resource Center. We also partner with state and national organizations to engage in advocacy in Congress and the Administration to ensure occupational safety and health protections for farmworkers.