What We Do

Immigration and Labor


Learn about the history of guestworker programs, the H-2A visa program, immigration reform and legislative proposals that impact farmworkers–including the AgJOBS compromise, domestic and international labor rights, farm labor contractors, and our current litigation.

Farmworker Justice helps farmworkers and their organizations improve wages and working conditions and immigration policy. Our agricultural labor system is unsustainable and unfair to farmworkers and their families. The nation’s immigration system is broken. Labor laws discriminate against farmworkers and are not enforced effectively. Many agricultural employers engage in illegal or deficient labor practices. The resulting labor force turnover means that now more than half of the 2 million farmworkers are undocumented and marginalized. The H-2A guestworker program fails both U.S. and foreign workers. Farmworker Justice advocates for immigration reform to legalize undocumented farmworkers, for better labor protections and for more effective enforcement. We also file lawsuits on behalf of farmworkers and their organizations to challenge systemic abuses by employers and their labor contractors and unlawful conduct by government agencies.

Guestworker Programs

Learn about the history of guestworker programs, H-2A program for temporary agricultural work, and the H-2B visa program.

US Labor Law for Farmworkers

Learn about the federal Fair Labor Standards Act  and the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act.

Immigration Reform & Farmworkers

Immigration is a critically important issue for farmworkers. Learn about current legislation proposals impacting farmworkers.

International Labor Rights

Farmworkers are a transnational workforce. We collaborate with international labor advocacy organizations to empower workers.

Sub-contracted Workers

Learn more about the role of farm labor contractors, sub-contracted labor, and joint employer responsibility in agriculture.


We actively engage in litigation to advance employment rights of farmworkers and to remedy systemic labor abuses confronted by farmworkers.

Workers’ Compensation

About half of all states have little or no coverage for farmworkers. Learn which states provide coverage and claim filing barriers.