U.S. Department of Labor Enforcement in Agriculture: More Must be Done to Protect Farmworkers — This report analyzes the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) statistics on its enforcement of the minimum wage and other basic labor protections applicable to agricultural workers on farms, ranches, and dairies. Widespread violations of the minimum wage and other wage-hour laws in agriculture harm farmworkers, as well as the many law-abiding businesses suffering competitive disadvantage caused by unscrupulous employers.


Unfinished Harvest: The Agricultural Worker Protection Act at 30 — In 1983, Congress passed the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (AWPA). To mark the thirtieth anniversary of its enactment, we examined its impact on farmworkers. The AWPA has made a difference in the lives of many farmworkers, but in order to reduce abusive practices that harm farmworkers and undermine the agricultural sector of our economy, improvements must be made with regard to enforcement, implementation, and the law itself.


Exposed and Ignored: How pesticides are endangering our nation's farmworkers — This report exposes the serious health risks faced by thousands of farmworkers each year from pesticide exposure, and the failings of workplace standards to prevent the high rate of pesticide-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.


Who Works the Fields? The Stories of Americans Who Feed Us — This report offers a sampling of stories from both U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents on farms. Although a majority of farmworkers today are undocumented immigrants, there are hundreds of thousands of legally authorized U.S. workers in the agricultural labor force.


No Way to Treat a Guest: Why the H-2A Agricultural Visa Program Fails U.S. and Foreign Workers — This report is based on interviews with current and former H-2A workers and documents the human toll of a system meant to provide a legal and dependable workforce for American farmers. The report offers multiple short-term and long-term solutions to eliminate abuses in the H-2A program and ensure a sustainable labor force for American agriculture. (2011)


Weeding out Abuses: Recommendations for a law-abiding farm labor system — Written by Farmworker Justice and Oxfam America, this report chronicles a broken farm labor system that encourages lawlessness and exploitation of workers and outlines specific recommendations that the government can take to increase enforcement and improve the lives of farmworkers around the country.


From Orchards to the Internet: Confronting Contingent Work Abuse — Written by Farmworker Justice and National Employment Law Project, this report discusses the extensive use of labor contractors across varied industries and recognizes that migrant farmworkers, office-building service workers, garment workers, and computer programmers, among others, share common, detrimental experiences as a subcontracted employees.