August 30 2012

With the nation’s attention focused on Tampa Bay for the Republican Convention, Mitt Romney’s party has adopted a platform on immigration policy that is increasingly focused on enforcement and “self deportation.” The party also called for a new “guest worker … Read more Farmworker Justice’s OpEd: We’re a nation of immigrants, not ‘guests’

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August 11 2012

Protecting Workers While your July 26 article about agricultural labor (“North Carolina wary of possible farm labor shortage”) accurately conveyed the agenda of many growers, it’s disheartening to read an article about farm work that lacks a discussion of the … Read more Farmworker Justice’s Letter to the Editor: Protect Workers

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August 08 2012

Matt O'Brien's recent article on a perceived agricultural labor shortage ("California farmers fear labor shortage," Aug. 1) shies away from presenting the most obvious solution to the problem. Farmers, like employers in any other industry, should work to attract and … Read more Farmworker Justice’s Letter to the Editor: Pay more, get more workers

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