Farmworker Advocates Prevail in Colorado Case: Ensuring Farmworkers Access to Essential Services Where They Work

Denver, Colorado – District Court Judge Martin F. Egelhoff dismissed Colorado Livestock Association’s challenge to the state’s Agricultural Worker’s Rights Law. The court’s decision ensures that farmworkers will continue to have critical access to essential services.  FarmSTAND, Farmworker Justice, and Towards Justice represented Colorado Legal Services in this matter, and Colorado Legal Services represented an anonymous farmworker.

“The Colorado State Law serves to mitigate access gaps by allowing doctors, teachers, clergy, legal and other essential providers to visit with farmworkers at their home,” said Lori Johnson, Legal Director, Senior Attorney, Farmworker Justice.  “This access is critical in that farmworkers work long hours and lack the means and opportunity to meet with these professionals. Rather than focusing on closing access points, we should all work towards ensuring farmworkers can access all the resources and services they need to improve their well-being and quality of life.”

The Colorado Livestock Association sought to strike down the law claiming it violated employers’ private property rights. Judge Egelhoff dismissed the case on the grounds that members of the Colorado Livestock Association did not have standing to bring the suit.