Eva Longoria joins Farmworker Justice for the holidays

Washington, D.C.- This holiday season, Eva Longoria and Farmworker Justice are coming together to highlight the vast impact farmworkers have on the lives of all Americans. Christmas trees, stuffings, roasted meats and fruit pies are just a few of our favorite holiday treats that wouldn’t be available without the thousands of farmworkers in this country.

“This year has been difficult for everybody but even before COVID-19, farmworkers worked in harsh conditions for inadequate wages and insufficient workplace safety standards.” said Bruce Goldstein, President of Farmworker Justice. “The pandemic has made the life of a farmworker much more difficult in the past 9 months; an estimated 269,000 farmworkers have contracted COVID-19 since March. They also continued to work through the wildfires in California, exposing themselves to even greater dangers without adequate PPE.”

Despite these obstacles, farmworkers have persisted and in doing so, they have kept our food supply chain intact. Farmworker Justice has stood firmly alongside these workers, filing lawsuits and pressing lawmakers to give our farmworkers the relief they need and deserve.

“America’s farmworkers work under some of the most oppressive conditions and we need to support them, and the folks that fight each and every day to improve their lives through advocacy and the legal system,” says Eva Longoria, actress, producer and a long time activist for immigration issues. 

Eva Longoria has been passionately fighting for the rights of migrant farmworkers for years, using her platform to educate the public and fundraise for communities in need. She produced two documentaries, The Harvest (2010) and Food Chains (2014); The Harvest profiles three child farm workers during the harvest seasons and Food Chains delves into the campaign for fair wages, focusing on the farmworkers in Immokalee, FL. Her advocacy work has brought her to the White House and Congress where she has advocated for changes to the treatment of immigrants in this country.

Watch her interview with Farmworker Justice President, Bruce Goldstein, regarding the status of farmworkers during COVID-19 and Eva’s work on the issue here

Join Eva this holiday season and donate to Farmworker Justice so that we may continue to fight to improve the lives of America’s farmworker communities. 

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Farmworker Justice is a national advocacy organization for farmworkers. Founded in 1981, Farmworker Justice is based in Washington, D.C. and collaborates with organizations throughout the country to empower farmworkers to improve their wages, working conditions, occupational safety, health immigration status and access to justice.

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