This is No Time for Piecemeal Immigration Legislation: Oppose the Stem Jobs Act

The STEM Jobs Act will be voted on in the House of Representatives Friday morning. Farmworker Justice and the United Farm Workers urge Congressional Representatives to reject this flawed bill and approach. Instead, they should come to the table to discuss an immigration process that would provide a roadmap to citizenship for America’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, including more than half of our Nation’s farmworkers. Farmworkers and their families demonstrate a commitment to America and are doing their part to contribute to our economy and communities. They deserve an opportunity to become equal members of society. 

Farmworker Justice and the United Farm Workers oppose Representative Lamar Smith’s (R-TX) STEM Jobs Act, which would provide visas for immigrants in high-tech fields in exchange for eliminating the diversity lottery visa. Piecemeal immigration legislation that only addresses high-skilled workers at the cost of our nation’s commitment to diversity is a bad idea. Since the election, momentum has been building in both parties in Congress to create a common-sense immigration process for aspiring citizens, including many farmworkers. The reintroduction of an already failed piecemeal immigration bill, like the STEM Jobs Act, does nothing more than detract from these efforts.