Congratulations to Librada Paz on RFK Human Rights Award

Farmworker Justice congratulates Librada Paz for her receipt of the 2012 RFK Human Rights Award and the tremendous advocacy she does on behalf of farmworkers in NY to achieve equal protection under the law. Today’s award ceremony featured great speeches by Librada Paz, Kerry Kennedy, and Dolores Huerta. 

According to the RFK Center press release:

"When Librada Paz came to the United States at age 15, she came face to face with the reality of America's agricultural industry: a world where child labor is legal, where sexual assault and abuse runs rampant, where any hint of union organizing can be met with retaliatory firing, and where there’s no such thing as a day of rest. Against all odds she fought her way out and emerged as a new leader in the farmworkers' rights movement that was so important to my father," said Kerry Kennedy. "We are enormously proud to welcome Ms. Paz as our newest RFK Human Rights Award Laureate."

"Since the 1930s, New York's farmworkers have been excluded from the same rights and protections that other laborers have depended on for generations, including a day off per week, overtime pay, disability insurance, and the right to bargain collectively with their employers." said Santiago Canton. "The RFK Center will partner with RMM and Ms. Paz on a renewed advocacy effort with legislators for the passage of New York State's Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act  and to continue to raise the awareness of this situation in the United States."

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