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Latina Stories of HIV by the Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative Latino Partners

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Directory of Organizations that Serve Rural Latino Communities- We have developed a directory of organizations working to promote health and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in rural Latino communities. This information can help you connect with other providers in your region, or in areas where your clients may be traveling. If you would like to submit your organization to be included or revise/delete your organization's entry, please email [email protected]



Community Mobilization Toolkit
Training Promotores de Salud in HIV Prevention in Rural Latino communities: A Train-the-Trainer Curriculum
Promotores de salud, or community health workers, are a proven mechanism to reach Latinos in rural areas. Poder Sano has developed a comprehensive Spanish-language train-the-trainer curriculum for individuals interested in training promotores de salud in HIV prevention. The curriculum is based on popular education techniques, and is culturally competent and linguistically sensitive.

The curriculum consists of five modules: The Role of Promotores, Sex and Sexuality, HIV/AIDS Prevention, HIV Testing and Treatment and Best Practices for Outreach. A unique feature of this curriculum is that in addition to the five core modules, it contains extra booster sessions to support promotores de salud in their continued learning and self-reflection. The curriculum also contains in-depth background information for the trainer.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in obtaining the curriculum free of charge.

Download a preview here.

Spanish language Radio Public Service Announcements 
In collaboration with our partners, Hispanic Communications Network, we have developed two high-production value, Spanish radio public service announcements (PSAs) to promote HIV testing services at local agencies. One PSA targets men and the other women. Each PSA features a brief dialog between two characters with an HIV testing message, followed by a blank space for you to record your organization’s contact information. If you would like more information about using these PSAs to promote your organizations’ HIV testing messages contact us at: [email protected].

Worker Education Materials (Fotonovelas) Fotonovelas are an excellent tool for modeling positive health choices. Dramatic, visual and culturally relevant, fotonovelas are a successful means of communicating health information and other social issues that are indirectly health related. Throughout the last 10 years, Farmworker Justice has partnered with the Rural Women’s Health Project, presenting workshops and developing community-based fotonovelas that support HIV prevention, model positive behaviors and present realistic situations. The following fotonovela materials are downloadable, or can be ordered in print format.

Women and HIV

Comadre (Spanish only)

A Light at the Store / Una Luz en la tienda

Married Women Can Get HIV Too / Mujeres Casadas

Reality / La Realidad

Farmworker Men and HIV:

Historias del Campo

Hispanic Youth and HIV:

Gift of a Lifetime / El regalo de todo una vida

Rude Awakening / Un cruel despertar

Man Protect Yourself / Hombre, protégete

Voices of Immigrants In Action (VIA) Project with Rural Women's Health Farmworker Justice is a long-time collaborator with the Rural Women's Health Project (RWHP). RWHP has created a new HIV prevention toolkit for Hispanic Immigrants in rural areas and for policy-makers and providers committed to shifting existing policies to reduce the increase of HIV/AIDS. The VIA Tools are the result of a year-long, intense participatory research initiative in Tennessee and Florida. The 2010 VIA Community Survey and Community Exchange Sessions provide the basis for the following fact sheets and curriculum.

2010 VIA Fact Sheets:

Focus on Community English Spanish
Focus on Women English Spanish
Focus on Youth English Spanish
Perspectives on HIV/AIDS English Spanish

VIA HIV Curriculum for Rural Hispanic Immigrants (Spanish only)

► Coordinating Herramientas Toolkit — consists of 9 separate files below

1    3  5  6  7  8  9
The VIA Initiative is a project of the Rural Women's Health Project, in collaboration with the Alianza de Mujeres Activas, the North Central Florida Farmworker Corridor-HIV Task Force and Rural Medical Services, Inc. Project partners are the Southern AIDS Coalition and Farmworker Justice.


Migrant Health Resources

Affordable Care Act 

The Affordable Care Act provides farmworkers and their families with new options for healthcare access. Eligible farmworkers and their families are able to purchase comprehensive health insurance in the health insurance marketplaces and may qualify for tax credits and other subsidies to reduce their premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

The following resources provide more information on the Affordable Care Act and what it means for farmworkers and their families:

A Guide for U.S. Citizens and “Qualified Immigrant” Farmworkers and their Families
Una guía para trabajadores agrícolas y sus familias que son ciudadanos estadounidenses o “inmigrantes calificados”
(Haitian Creole) A Guide for U.S. Citizens and “Qualified Immigrant” Farmworkers and their Families

A Guide for Lawfully Present Farmworkers and their Families
Una guía para los trabajadores agrícolas y sus familias que están presentes legalmente en los Estados Unidos
(Haitian Creole) A Guide for Lawfully Present Farmworkers and their Families

A Guide to the Health Insurance Requirement
Una guía sobre el seguro médico obligatorio
(Haitian Creole) A Guide to the Health Insurance Requirement

The Affordable Care Act and H-2A Agricultural Workers - Frequently Asked Questions  Issue Brief

The Affordable Care Act and You: A Guide for H-2A Workers
La Ley de Cuidado de Salud Asequible y Usted: Una Guía para los Trabajadores H-2A
(Haitian Creole)The Affordable Care Act and You: A Guide for H-2A Workers

ACA Curriculum for Outreach Workers and Promotores de Salud

The Affordable Care Act and Taxes: Frequently Asked Questions on How the ACA Affects Taxes for Farmworkers


Resources for Migrant Health Centers

► Brochure on Migrant Health Centers (English)  (Spanish)

Key Resources for Migrant Health by the Farmworker Health Network

Farmworkers' Health Fact Sheet: Data from National Agricultural Workers Survey 

Promoting Health Care Access to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) Farmworkers




Winter 2015  Farmworker Justice Health Policy Bulletin: Affordable Care Act

Fall 2013        Farmworker Justice Health Policy Bulletin: Policy in Action to Help Connect Farmworker Women to Healthcare
Spring 2012   Farmworker Justice Health Policy Bulletin
Spring 2011   Farmworker Justice Health Policy Bulletin



Farmworker Justice publishes an e-newsletter, Eye on Farmworker Health, for health care professionals on issues affecting the health and safety of migrant farmworkers.

Eye on Farmworker Health November 2014

Eye on Farmworker Health Winter 2012

Eye on Farmworker Health Spring 2012

Eye on Farmworker Health April 2013

Eye on Farmworker Health August 2013

Eye on Farmworker Health November 2013

Eye on Farmworker Health April 2014

Eye on Farmworker Health March 2015


Access to Services

Medicaid & Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Fact Sheet (2013)
The Affordable Care Act and Farmworkers: Access to Healthcare Fact Sheet (2013)
How the Affordable Care Act Will Expand Access to Health Coverage (presentation)
Moving Forward: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act & Farmworker   Health (presentation)
Limited English Proficiency Guidelines for FQHCs
NHELP –Language Access & Health Disparities (presentation)

The Affordable Care Act and Farmworkers: Access to Healthcare Fact Sheet (2013)
How the Affordable Care Act Will Expand Access to Health Coverage (presentation)
Moving Forward: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act & Farmworker   Health (presentation)



H-2A fact sheet
Prosecutorial Discretion and Deferred Action Power Point presentation (pdf)

Occupational Health

► Guide to EPA’s Worker Protection Standard
► Issue Brief: The Role of Exposure Incident Reporting in the Regulation of Pesticides
► Guide to OSHA’s Field Sanitation Standard
► Guide to FIFRA
► Guide to Food Quality Protection Act
State Pesticide-Related Illness Reporting Requirements
Reproductive Health Effects of Pesticide Exposure (discussion paper)
Topics in Respiratory Health of Farmworkers (discussion paper)
Learn the Facts about Avian/Bird Flu
Workers' Compensation guide
Mobile Technology for a Mobile Population presentation


Risk Management

► Risk Management Series: Providing Behavioral Health to Mobile Populations
► Risk Management Series: Care for Undocumented Patients
► Risk Management Series: Transportation
► Risk Management Series: Off Site Care
In the Event of a Major Disaster Series:
Federal Food Assistance
Federal Income Assistance
Federal Housing Assistance

Innovative Collaborations between Migrant Health Centers and other organizations

Medical - Legal Partnerships Resource Guide

Ventanilla de Salud Program: A reliable partner for fostering Hispanic's preventive health

Medical-Legal Partnerships: Northwest Justice Project & Sea Mar Community Health Center