Support Farmworker Justice

When you sit down to dinner, have you ever thought about the workers who helped pick the fresh fruits and vegetables you enjoy?

Did you know that nearly all of the produce grown in the United States is hand- picked by seasonal farmworkers? And did you know that too many of these workers live and work under intolerable conditions?

Your support is critical to improve the lives and working conditions of farmworkers.

Farmworker Justice has built a reputation for dedicated service to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. We are audited every year under strict guidelines required for groups that receive government grants. We have built trust with the farmworker community and others who support farmworkers, evidenced in part by the many farmworker advocates and supporters who serve on our Board of Directors and work with us through our partner organizations.

In addition to foundation and government grants, we depend on people like you to make charitable, tax-deductible donations to help bring a brighter future to the people who put food on our table.

Please join us in our efforts to secure fundamental human and civil rights for over two million migrant farmworkers who harvest the fruits and vegetables you rely on every day.

We ask your support to meet a matching challenge grant from a generous donor who knows the importance of our work during this crisis.  This anonymous donor will give Farmworker Justice $30,000 if we raise $30,000.  Please donate to meet this challenge so that we may continue to serve farmworkers during this critical time.

Your regular contributions will help provide us with the resources we need to respond to farmworkers' needs.


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Named after our former deputy director who was a dedicated advocate for farmworkers. Help us carry on Shelley’s work.

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