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Farmworker Justice asks your support to meet a matching challenge grant from a generous donor who knows the importance of our work during this crisis.  This anonymous donor will give Farmworker Justice $30,000 if we raise $30,000.  Please donate to meet this challenge so that we may continue to serve farmworkers during this critical time.

Federal and state officials designated farmworkers as “essential workers.” They continue working on farms and ranches, risking infection by COVID-19, so that we have enough food to feed our families. Yet many farmworkers report that their employers are not following CDC guidelines on physical distancing, handwashing facilities, sanitizers and access to information.  They fear bringing home COVID-19 to their children.  

Farmworker Justice is helping farmworkers and their organizations by advocating for safety precautions at work, in housing and during transportation; emergency job safety standards; hazard pay; paid sick leave; health care access; unemployment compensation; and immigration reform.

Especially outrageous is the Trump Administration’s reported plan to slash wage rates for U.S. and foreign workers under the H-2A agricultural guestworker program.   Wages should be raised, not cut! 

Please help us meet this challenge so that we can continue serving the farmworkers who are risking their health and their lives to put food on our tables.

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