Give the Gift of Justice

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

When you make an honorary or memorial gift, you may choose to have us notify the recipient or recipient’s family of your gift. This is an easy way to show someone you care and support farmworkers at the same time!

Use our main donation form and select the option for an honorary gift. You will receive drop down boxes to provide the recipient's name and personalize the occasion. 

Leave a Legacy Through a Bequest

An important way to support the vital work of Farmworker Justice is to make a gift in your Will. 

You need not be wealthy to make a bequest that leaves a lasting legacy.    

Your gift will help make it possible for Farmworker Justice to continue its 39 years of service to the nation’s farmworkers and their children.  A bequest to Farmworker Justice will help ensure into the future its impactful work for the people who put food on our tables but continue to be among the poorest in the nation. 

Bequests have made a difference in the ability of Farmworker Justice to serve farmworkers. 

We are very grateful to our supporters who have informed us that Farmworker Justice has been included in their Will. 

As you prepare your Will, please include a gift to Farmworker Justice.

If you already have a Will, all it takes is a quick phone call to your lawyer to add a charitable gift in your Will to Farmworker Justice.

For additional information, please contact Ms. Merlyn Perez, Director of Operations, [email protected]