Press Release on "Securing the Future of American Agriculture"

For Immediate Release                                       Contact: Adrienne DerVartanian, Farmworker Justice

April 3, 2019                                                          202-800-2522

Farmworker Justice Statement on House Immigration Subcommittee Hearing:

“Securing the Future of American Agriculture”

Congress Should Pass Immigration Reform that Respects the Contributions of Farmworkers

(Washington, D.C.)   Regarding today’s hearing of the House Judiciary immigration subcommittee titled “Securing the Future of American Agriculture,” Farmworker Justice President Bruce Goldstein stated: “The status quo for farmworkers and agricultural employers is untenable.  Farmworkers and their families are currently living under the threat of arrest, deportation and family separation. This daily reality affects their ability to do their jobs safely and productively. The most important and urgently needed step right now is providing undocumented farmworkers and their family members the opportunity to obtain immigration status and a path to citizenship. This hearing is an opportunity to move towards a positive and workable solution in Congress.”

Earlier this year, Farmworker Justice welcomed the introduction of the Agricultural Worker Program Act of 2019. This bill builds momentum toward comprehensive immigration reform while addressing the unique and urgent needs of agricultural and rural communities. We thank Senator Feinstein, Representative Lofgren and other Members of Congress for their leadership in support of reasonable, workable and fair immigration reform and their attention to farmworkers in this bill.

The bill would establish an earned legalization program under which certain farmworkers who meet agricultural work requirements, national security clearance requirements, and other obligations are given temporary permission to work in agriculture and the opportunity to earn immigration status with a path to citizenship.  Their immediate family members in the United States also would have an opportunity to convert their status. President Goldstein added, “the Agricultural Worker Program Act would help ensure a stable, legal workforce in agriculture, which is good for farmworkers, employers, consumers and the national interest.”

Farmworker Justice is a national advocacy organization for farmworkers with over thirty-five years of experience serving the farmworker community regarding immigration and labor policy.


For more information, contact Adrienne DerVartanian at 202-800-2522 or [email protected].