NEBRASKA - Workers’ Rights

Definition of agricultural worker under state law:

• For purposes of the state’s workers’ compensation law, “agricultural operation means (i) the cultivation of land for the production of agricultural crops, fruit, or other horticultural products or (ii) the ownership, keeping, or feeding of animals for the production of livestock or livestock products[.]” (NEB. REV. STAT. § 48-106(9)(a))

Wages and Overtime

Minimum Wage


There is no state overtime law.

State Enforcement Agency

Nebraska Department of Labor, Labor Standards Division

Relevant Forms:

Occupational Safety and Health

Workers’ Compensation

State Enforcement Agency:
Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court

Relevant Forms:

Field Sanitation

Federal Enforcement Agency:
US DOL, Nebraska OSHA Office


Pesticide Safety

State Enforcement Agency:
Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Program


Right to Join Unions and Collective Bargaining in Agriculture


State Legal Services Organizations

Legal Aid of Nebraska