MISSISSIPPI - Workers’ Rights

Definition of agricultural worker under state law:

Wages and Overtime

Minimum Wage

Mississippi does not have a state minimum wage law.   Mississippi statutorily prohibits counties and municipalities from establishing minimum wages or living wages.  (Miss. Code Ann. § 17-151(1)).


State Enforcement Agency

Federal Enforcement Agency: 

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Website: https://mdes.ms.gov/ 
Relevant Forms: https://www.dol.gov/whd/howtofilecomplaint.htm

Occupational Safety and Health

Workers’ Compensation

State Enforcement Agency:
Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission

Website: https://mwcc.ms.gov/#/home 
Relevant Forms: https://mwcc.ms.gov/#/forms

Field Sanitation

Federal Enforcement Agency:
US DOL, Mississippi OSHA Office

Website: https://www.osha.gov/contactus/bystate/MS/areaoffice

Pesticide Safety

The Mississippi Pesticide Law regulates pesticide use in the state.  (Miss. Ann. Code §§ 69-23-1, et seq.).  

State Enforcement Agency:

Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
Website: https://www.mdac.ms.gov/bureaus-departments/plant-industry/pesticide-program/

Mississippi State Department of Health

Website: https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/14,0,194.html

Right to Join Unions and Collective Bargaining in Agriculture

State Legal Services Organizations

Southern Migrant Legal Services – A Project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc.

Southern Poverty Law Center- Immigrant Justice Project