October 26 2012

John Carney’s blog post, part of a series, points to the fallacy behind grower cries of “labor shortages” and highlights the ability of growers to pay higher wages to attract and retain workers. The law of supply and demand does … Read more Agriculture’s Claimed Labor Shortage Fails Fact Checking

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June 28 2012

The Supreme Court’s decision upholding as constitutional most of the health system reform legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), will enable millions of people to gain access to health care and to improve their health.  Unfortunately, many migrant and seasonal … Read more Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform, But Farmworkers Will Still Face Challenges in Access to Health Care

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May 08 2012

Marjorie Elizabeth Wood’s Op-Ed in the New York Times Pitting Child Safety Against the Family Farm brings the conversation about children working in agriculture back to the core of the recent battle that ensued after the Department of Labor proposed … Read more NYT Op-Ed : Pitting Child Safety Against the Family Farm

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