LOUISIANA - Workers’ Rights

Definition of agricultural worker under state law:

Under the agricultural laborers’ “right to work” law (discussed further below), “agricultural laborer” means “only those persons employed in the ginning processing cotton seed and compressing of cotton, the irrigation, harvesting, drying and milling of rice, the sowing, tending, reaping or harvesting of crops, livestock, or other agricultural products on farms and plantations or those persons employed in the processing of raw sugar cane into brown sugar [….]” and “does not include persons employed in mills, plants, factories, wholesale or retail sales outlets, or otherwise in the transportation, storage, preparation, processing or sale of such crops, livestock or produce” (except for transportation by the grower from the field to processing area). (La. R.S. § 23:881)

Wages and Overtime

Minimum Wage

Louisiana does not have a state minimum wage law. 


Louisiana does not have a state law regarding overtime pay.

State Enforcement Agency

State Enforcement Agency:
Louisiana Workforce Commission

Website: http://www.laworks.net/LaborMarketInfo/LMI_MainMenu.asp 
Relevant Forms: https://www.dol.gov/whd/howtofilecomplaint.htm

Occupational Safety and Health

Workers’ Compensation

State Enforcement Agency:
Louisiana Workforce Commission

Website: http://www.laworks.net/WorkersComp/OWC_MainMenu.asp 
Relevant forms: http://www.laworks.net/Downloads/OWC/1008form.pdf

Field Sanitation

Federal Enforcement Agency:
US DOL, OSHA Louisiana Office

Website: https://www.osha.gov/contactus/bystate/LA/areaoffice

Pesticide Safety

State Enforcement Agency:
Department of Agriculture & Forestry: Pesticide Related Complaints

Website: http://www.ldaf.state.la.us/ldaf-programs/pesticide-environmental-programs/pesticides/incidents-and-complaints/

Right to Join Unions and Collective Bargaining in Agriculture

State Enforcement Agency: 

Louisiana Workforce Commission (There is no agriculture worker specific agency, but agriculture workers can file through the Workforce Commission).

Website: http://www.laworks.net/


State Legal Services Organizations

New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice

Southern Migrant Legal Services – A Project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc.

Southern Poverty Law Center- Immigrant Justice Project