Farmworkers in the News- August 13, 2012

More on Growers’ Allegations of Labor Shortages -Many news stories in the last few weeks have reported on growers’ fears of labor shortages and  an array of possible causes, including immigration enforcement and growers’ unwillingness to pay sufficient wages to attract workers.  In Georgia, an editorial on labor shortages blamed the passage of Georgia’s anti-immigrant law for what growers claim was a 40 percent labor shortage in seven key crops

Farmworkers in the News: July 9-12

Progress for farmworkers in California- Congratulations to the UFW and the 200 Gargulio, Inc. tomato workers who voted to join the union last Wednesday, despite threats and intimidation by company officials.  This victory came a couple of months after approximately 800 UFW workers signed their first union contract with tomato grower, Pacific Triple E, bringing them wage increases from 12% - 57%.

Farmworkers in the News: Late June 2012

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of news.  As you probably all know, the Supreme Court issued two major rulings two weeks ago, one upholding President Obama’s health care reform law and one sending a strong message that the regulation of immigration is a federal issue by striking down as unconstitutional several provisions of Arizona’s harsh immigration law, SB 1070.

Farmworker Justice Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Arizona Immigration Law

Supreme Court Decision in Arizona Demonstrates Need for Congressional Action on Immigration Policy: Court Strikes Down Several Provisions of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law as Unconstitutional, but Leaves in Place Provision that Inevitably Leads to Racial Profiling

Farmworkers in the News : Media Roundup May 14-18

Farmworker coverage in the media was strong last week, with many of the articles highlighting the need for immigration reform for farmworkers and stronger enforcement of workplace laws protecting farmworkers.


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