Unidos Update: April

Earlier this month, Unidos community partner Campesinos Sin Fronteras hosted their first screening event at their offices in San Luis, Arizona. With dermatological services generously donated by American Academy of Dermatology member Dr. Shane Hamman and his bilingual assistant, CSF screened 25 farmworker patients for skin cancer. The event marks both the culmination of many months of labor, outreach, and planning for CSF, as well as the start of a series of screenings CSF plans to carry out this year.

CSF is a grassroots community organization serving farmworker with strong ties to a variety of organizations in the Yuma, Somerton, and San Luis communities. CSF faces a number of unique challenges within the framework of the Unidos project: the dearth of specialty care (specifically, dermatological care) services in their community; the binational living and working situations of many farmworkers in the area, which can complicate follow-up; and the fact that CSF is not itself a clinic (which can be both a challenge and a resource at times).

Since joining the Unidos project last May, CSF has made significant strides in identifying potential skin cancer resources and connections within its community by conducting a rigorous situational analysis and needs assessment. Promotores from CSF interviewed farmworkers, skin cancer survivors, and potential local stakeholders, conducted focus groups with farmworkers, and engaged in a community mapping that allowed them to physically plot out where skin cancer resources existed in their community. Among the many connections made are the Yuma Cancer Center, three dermatologists all willing to donate care, and the University of Arizona.

CSF is already planning its next two events. Their extensive media connections and binational radio station, KYMZ 99.9 FM, play a crucial role in their marketing and dissemination of information related to their screening events. For more information on CSF and their Unidos activities, follow them on Facebook or visit their website.