Farmworker Justice Statement on President Trump’s Plans for Anti-Immigrant Executive Actions

“President Trump signed two executive orders today that threaten some of our country’s most essential values, including diversity and the right to due process, and will inflict great harm on innocent people,” said Bruce Goldstein, President of Farmworker Justice, a national advocacy organization for farmworkers. These include provisions calling for the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and increased detention and prosecution of immigrants, as well as a renewed attack on cities that choose to protect immigrants, referred to as “sanctuary jurisdictions.” Further anticipated actions may include an order banning refugees from certain Muslim countries.

These actions represent a campaign to blame innocent immigrants for problems they did not cause.  While calling for budget cuts, President Trump intends to spend billions of dollars without valid reason.  These measures also will likely lead to an increase in civil rights violations by immigration and law enforcement officials, and subject many immigrants to verbal and physical abuse by individuals who feel empowered to act on their xenophobia and racism.  

President Trump’s harsh rhetoric and actions regarding immigrants are instilling fear in many farmworkers and their families.  The large majority of the people who harvest our fruits and vegetables and tend our livestock are immigrants, and many are undocumented workers.  Most farmworkers have held these low-paid, difficult jobs for many years. Many have children.  They help agricultural business owners prosper. 

“We will continue to help farmworkers fight for immigration reform that brings greater justice to the fields and farmworker communities and ensures a prosperous, productive agricultural sector for all,” said Goldstein.