Farmworker Justice Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Farmworker Justice condemns the Executive Order issued by President Trump on Friday.  President Trump’s Executive Order bars entry of refugees from Syria and imposes a suspension of admission to the U.S. of citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. This order contradicts the very essence and history of our country—valuing the contributions of immigrants and providing a safe space for refugees from around the world. We call on the President to withdraw the Executive Order and on Congress to take immediate action to reverse the Executive Order.  

The President should withdraw the Executive Order because it violates the Constitution and existing immigration law.  Grave harm has already been done to thousands of innocent individuals who have followed our immigration laws and been approved to enter the United States.  The Executive Order damages the reputation of the United States as a nation of liberty and justice for all, including people of different religions, races, ethnicities and national origins.  While supposedly designed to protect the nation, the title and purported purpose of the Order misrepresent its aims and its consequences.

We are pleased that people all over the country have demonstrated their opposition through rallies at airports and cities.  We want to acknowledge the work of several federal judges who have already recognized the likelihood that the Order is invalid and have temporarily halted enforcement of aspects of the Executive Order, but that is not enough.

The Executive Order is just one component of an attack on immigrants and immigration, blaming people who have contributed to our country’s greatness for the ills arising from other causes. Last week’s Executive Orders also open the doors to massive and inhumane immigration enforcement and a senseless and costly border wall.

More than 80% of the people who labor on our farms and ranches are immigrants.  Most farmworkers have been here many years and deserve our thanks for working so hard at such low wages to produce our food.  Because our immigration system has not been reformed, a majority of farmworkers lack authorized immigration status.  They and others deserve an opportunity to earn immigration status with a path to citizenship.  Our nation also must continue to offer safe haven to immigrants and refugees from around the world.

There is no doubt that this country – including its agricultural sector -- needs immigration policy reform, but not the kind that President Trump has launched.