National Farmworker Awareness Week: Community

For the “community” day of Farmworker Awareness Week, we bring you this message from Arcelia, a community health worker in California, on the importance of creating a community-wide understanding and respect for the right to a safe and healthy workplace. She asks that others in the community, including policymakers, think about their desire to be healthy themselves and to understand that farmworkers also have this wish. She asks community members to think about the things that make their workplaces safe and healthy and points out that farmworkers also deserve the right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Arcelia is a promotora de salud and member of Lideres Campesinas. For many years, she has performed outreach and education within her community on topics important to farmworkers and women and families. She is known as a wealth of information and for her caring demeanor and is frequently sought out when community members have questions about health, their rights, and helpful resources. She is also actively involved as an advocate for her community.


Here is the translation of Arcelia’s message:
“I want to tell you that health, just as it’s important to me, is also important to you. I want it to also be important for the people who work in the fields. Just as you want to be healthy, other people also want to be healthy. The same things that you have that make your work safe and healthy, other people also want this same right to a safe and healthy workplace.”