Health Initiatives

Health is a basic need and right for everyone. Unjust disparities exist in the levels of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being farmworkers and their families experience. We have developed a variety of initiatives to help build capacity among health service and community providers to better respond to the directed health needs of farmworkers. From HIV prevention, environmental health education, to community mobilization, our goal is to empower farmworkers with the information, skills, and resources necessary to reduce and eliminate health disparities and support farmworker efforts to create and sustain healthy communities.

Read about our Aliados and Poder Sano HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiatives aimed at addressing with farmworker and rural communities needs.

Learn about the migrant health care system and explore resources created to support health care providers in meeting worker health needs.

Poor housing, lead exposure, pollution, and home pesticides pose risks to worker families. Learn about our work to limit these preventable health risks.

Only about 31% of farmworkers have health insurance. Learn more about our efforts to improve access to care through CHIP, Medicaid, and the ACA.